Terra, 5 months

***Our herd is disease-tested annually and G6S normal***

Size Matters currently has 16 does. Many senior does become available as we retain kids. Please Contact us if you are interested in reserving a particular doe. These girls are trained to the milk stand and negative for TB, Brucella, CAE, CL, and Johnes. Click on the blue hyperlink to see the individual pages.

Mini Nubian Senior Does

SonFlower Ranch’s Fiona II

“Fiona” F5 Mini Nubian

Juno’s and Vulcan’s dam (Fiona)

GTO Ranch Gwendolyn*P

“Gwen” F4 Mini Nubian

Gwendolyn, 2.5 years old

Size Matter’s Juno

“Juno” F6 Mini Nubian

Available in milk after 2021 kidding

Juno, 19 months

Gambit Farms Claire’s Pixie Dust

“Pixie” F5 Mini Nubian

Screen Shot 2020-02-09 at 19.51.49
Pixie, 3 years

Blackberry’s BH Dulce de Leche

“Duchess” F5 Mini Nubian


Duchess, 2 years

Carpenter Ranch Terranova

“Terra” F6 Mini Nubian

Available in milk after 2021 kidding

Terra, 4 months

2019 Does

Blackberry’s RBI Witchcraft

“Wicca” F5 Mini Nubian

Wicca, 1 year

Blackberry’s RBI Snow Flurry

Flurry F5 Mini Nubian

Screen Shot 2020-08-01 at 12.11.23 PM

SizeMatter’s LC Oh Fortuna!

“Fort” F4 Mini Nubian

Fortuna, 7 months

GTO Ranch Isle of Islay

“Scotchie” F5 Mini Nubian

Scotchie, 1 year

Size Matter’s SQA Rhea

F1 Mini Nubian Doe

Rhea, 4 months

Sonflower Ranch’s Andromeda

“Andi” F7 Mini Nubian Doe

Andi, 5 months

SonFlower Ranch’s Helen

F8 Mini Nubian Doe


2020 Does

Soaring Heart’s Keshi Pearl

“Pearl”, F2 Mini Nubian Doe

Pearl, 3 months; courtesy of Soaring Hearts

SizeMatter’s GNH Brighid

F6 Mini Nubian Doe

Blackberry’s RBI Belle Pepper

F1 Mini Nubian Doe

SizeMatter’s BHP Circe

F2 Mini Nubian Doe



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