Kids 2018

Size Matter’s Sir Viggo Manfred

F4 Buckling

Sir Viggo Manfred

Our first kid of 2018! This F4 boy is from the Lucky x Vulcan breeding. He is very long and has inherited a straight topline from both parents and long, angular rump from Vulcan. I love the V on his side (Vulcan must have marked him) and the C-shaped spot on his poll that he inherited from mom. This boy has gone to his new home.

Congratulations Jason and Gretchen!



Size Matter’s Aspen

F6 Doeling

This beautiful brown-eyed F6 girl is from our Fiona x Ruger breeding. She has a pretty, wide nose and so far looks to be built like her dam, with a nice wide rear end. She has cute, upturned ears with a little control (but not as much as her dam’s). Since we already have so many goats related to Fiona, this girl is for sale. Update: Aspen is reserved.

Congratulations JoJo Reigle!



Size Matter’s Roller Derby

F7 Doeling

This little F7 doe is from our Vulcan x Gloria kidding. She is so named for her “knee pads” and black socks, but you can call her whatever you want. She is one of twins, and we are retaining her sister. She looks to have pendulous ears and a Roman nose like her dam. She is red with roan and white points. If you like Roller Derby, She is currently available at GTO Ranch

Size Matter’s Pandora

F7 Doeling

This doeling is the other F7 twin from the Vulcan x Gloria kidding. She is long and dairy with very pendulous ears and a Roman nose. She is solid brown with boots. We are retaining her and have named her Pandora.

Congratulations to us!




F5 Wether

This F5 boy was the first one born from our Gwendolyn x Vulcan pairing. He was the bigger kid by far and looks just like his mom. He is black with copper overlay and gray moonspots, just like her. He even seems to have her length, width and head shape. This boy is For Sale as a pet wether. Update: this boy is reserved pending deposit.

Congratulations Craft Family!



F5 Wether

This F5 boy looks very similar to his twin. He has lovely long ears and the Echo Hills roman nose. He is black with copper overlay and some white spots. Like his half-brother Viggo, he carries a “V” on his side. He is long and level, and has a nice long rump. He has been reserved.

Congratulations Catherine Driggs!



Size Matter’s Piccolo

F6 Doeling


This teeny-tiny F6 doe was born June 5th. She is very petite like her dam and level. She has a unique gray-brown coloring with black points and no white. She has brown eyes. So far, her favorite game is “jump on chickens”. She has nice pendulous ears and will likely have a straight or slightly roman nose. She is reserved.

Congratulations Noriko Proett!



Size Matter’s Pistol Pete

F6 Buckling

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This F6 boy is very petite like his sister. He is a pretty light red color with white points, solid, pendulous ears and BLUE eyes. So far, he has a lovely wide front assembly like his dam. This is Ruger’s first son at Size Matter’s. Not too shabby!

Congratulations Jody Lemon!


Size Matter’s Ajax

F2 Buckling


This is an F2 moonspotted/tricolor buckling from our Tinker/Ruger pairing. Sure he’s flashy, but more importantly, he has his dam’s long, level body. Also, Tinker’s udder is looking marvelous. We wanted to retain him for our low-generations project, but he looking to be too big for our current line of does.

Congratulations Peggy Swager!



PB Nigerian Dwarf Wether


This boy is a bundle of blue-eyed energy!  He is from our Lola/Baachus pairing. He is identical to his dam and brother except for the large white spot on his poll (from dad). He will going home as a pet wether.

Congratulations Michelle King!



PB Nigerian Dwarf


This kiddo is the second twin from our Lola/Baachus pairing and is already showing the correctness and style of his parents. He got his dam’s blue eyes, black coat, and frosted ears. He is For Sale as a buckling or wether. Update: this boy is reserved pending deposit.

Congratulations Craft Family!


Size Matter’s Dena’s Grand Finale

F5 Buckling


Dena sure knows how to end her kidding career! She gave us this beautiful black buckling with tan facial stripes, a full belt and wild gray moonspots. He even has differently colored ears. “Fin” will be a small-medium size adult with 3/4 drop ears. He should have a very wide chest and good capacity through the barrel.

Congratulations JoJo Reigle!

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