Flurry’s 2021 Kidding

The unwatched pot boils over…or something like that. Flurry had me a little confused. Even on her 150th day, she wasn’t very large, and her udder was quite modest. Her ligaments were easily palpable. I was expecting twins, but a little doubtful she had 2 in there. It was her second freshening and her first was twin bucklings. They were not born at my farm, and I wasn’t sure what to expect from Flurry. I had a very busy day on the farm but made sure to keep an eye on her, waffling on whether or not to put her in the kidding stall for the night. She did not like to be away from her herd, but it would be getting quite cold overnight, and there was 5 new inches of snow on the ground. Before going in for the evening (around 6:30), I noticed that the rest of the herd was eating at the hay feeder, but Flurry was standing up in the polydome, alone with the dog. Weird. I checked her over and noticed her udder was maybe a little fuller, and her ligaments were maybe a little mushier. I dragged her into the kidding stall, deciding to take no chances. She was pretty unhappy with me, but seemed to enjoy her unchallenged access to alfalfa pellets. I went inside for supper and shower, and tucked my kids into bed, periodically checking on Flurry via the camera every 30 minutes or so. I was about 90% sure she would deliver the following day. Well, when I checked the camera at 8:45pm, I noticed she was staring intently at something in the corner….I made out 2 little heads with white polls. In my excitement, I put my coveralls on inside-out, fixed them, and rushed out to the kidding stall. She had them mostly dry and standing, like a seasoned pro. I checked them over….first up, a little brown moonspotted girl, 4lbs, 2 oz. Then a tiny black girl with brown moonspots, 3lbs. WOW! Twin girls! For the first time ever, SizeMatters has more baby girls than boys! After trimming their umbilical cords and getting them nursing, I tucked them in for the rest of the evening. Well done Flurry! One of these girls will be retained, and the other will be offered to someone on the reservation list.

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