SizeMatter’s OMK Aura

***Our herd is disease tested annually and G6S normal***

SizeMatter’s OMK Aura (F6)

MDGA Purebred

TMGR Purebred

Sire:  Opus 7 Farm KB Miracle Kisses (Opus 7 Farm GJ Boruto Rockies Man x Green Gables DOF Hershey’s Kisses)

Dam: SizeMatter’s GNH Khione(GTO Ranch NightHawk x BlackBerry’s RBI Snow Flurry 2*D 2*P)

Born 5-4-22; this striking baby is long and dairy with great breed character. She has big milk and a respectable show history in her pedigree. As a bonus, she has in-your-pocket sweetness despite being dam raised.

Pattern/markings: Black with copious moonspots, random white, blue eyes and polled.

Sire, Proett    Dam, Khione

Dam’s FF Udder

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