SonFlower Ranch’s Fiona II*D*P

***Our herd is disease-tested annually and G6S normal***

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Fiona’s 6th-freshening udder

Fiona’s fourth-freshening udder

SonFlower Ranch’s Fiona II *D*P(F5, 52.82%/47.18%)

MDGA American

TMGR Experimental

Sire: Soaring Heart’s Gilles  (SS:FMCH Echo Hill’s Rio Bravo *B, SD: Soaring Heart’s Paris J).

Dam: SonFlower Ranch’s Dena (DS: Echo Hill’s Eric, DD: SonFlower Ranch’s Chocolate Kiss).

Born 05/25/13. Small stature and wide, official height 24.5″. Fiona is sometimes Herd Queen and one of my top-producing does. As a first freshener, she gave me nearly 3/4 gallon daily. Above are pictures of her fourth-freshening udder. She has a flawless foreudder. Her medial attachment is solid but her side attachments could be a little lower. Teat size is nice, but placement could be more medial. She has a wonderful udder texture and orifice size. Fiona consistently has extremely friendly kids, and we have her daughters and granddaughter within our herd. In 2020, She has earned her 1*D milk award through TMGR! She had buck/doe twins by SonFlower Ranch’s Gorgeous George in March 2021, and earned her *P with MDGA when she produced 8.3lbs of milk at 28 days fresh!

Pattern/Markings: brown bezoar, white on poll, moonspots

Kidding History: Easy kidder. 2016, twins – 1 buckling/1 doeling; 2017, twins – 1 buckling/1 doeling; 2018, singleton doeling; 2020, 1 buckling/ 1doeling; 2021, buck/doe twins; 2022, Singleton buckling.

Praise for Fiona during the MDGA Summer 2017 Virtual Show

The first five doe placings stood out to me in this class as models for General Appearance….. Entry D over Entry F in general appearance as she has higher withers, a more extended brisket and in body capacity for her greater width in her barrel.

-Judge Lavinia Allen

D places over F for general appearance. She is longer in her bone pattern and stronger over the topline, especially in the area of the chine, and has more extension of brisket. In dairy character, she is slightly longer and leaner in her neck.

– Judge Katie Wolf


Fiona’s Dam, Dena       Fiona’s Sire, Gilles


Dena’s (Dam) 6th freshening (9 year-old) udder

(Still on high and tight!)



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