Lily’s First Kidding

All week long I’ve been watching Pearl (pregnant with presumed quadruplets), but Lily beat her to the punch yesterday when she kidded 2 beautiful girls 150 days after her breeding to Sors. When I made my morning rounds shorts after milking, I noticed that Lily’s normally very prominent ligaments had spread and softened, and her udder was much more firm. I moved her to our kidding area and gave her some grain to snack on. She wasn’t very happy, but I had a busy day scheduled and wanted to make sure she was in a safe place in case she pulled a fast one on me. After my morning errands, I checked on her, but she had not made much change and was a still a little upset with me. I decided it was safe to leave her while I picked up the kids from school. When I returned home at 4:30, she was looking a little stunned and confused but still did not have any discharge. I went out to feed the dogs at 5 and swung by to check on Lily just in time to catch her first baby! She is our biggest kid this year, weighing in at 6lbs, 4 oz. A few minutes later, her sister (5lbs, 14 oz) joined the party. Both girls had picture-perfect deliveries and are nearly identical. They are both Black and Tan with frosted ears; the larger one is polled and has a larger partial belt. The smaller one is horned with very little white. The larger one will be retained and I will be checking my reservation list to home the smaller one. Lily has a beautifully attached udder with great teat placement!

Stay tuned – Pearl is currently in labor and should deliver later today.

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