Duchess’s and Jackie’s 2020 kiddings

When you kid on the same day, you get to share the same blog post.

For those of you with long memories for my farm happenings, you’ll know that I was in a panic about 5 months ago when I came home from a weekend away to find 3 of my bucks in with all of my open does. Two of the bucks were very immature yearlings but one was NightHawk, who didn’t get the memo that it wasn’t his turn on the breeding schedule. We later learned that Jackie and Duchess became pregnant from their weekend shenanigans, so we settled in and waited to see if the kids would resemble any of the possible daddies.

Starting on day 146, Duchess started to fill her udder and loosen her ligaments.  I diligently checked on her several times a day but she kept us in suspense until day 149. She waited until I stepped out of her kidding stall for an hour and easily delivered 2 very cute mini me twins. The boy was 5lbs 4oz and the girl was 5lbs 2oz. They are both brown like Duchess and have many dark brown moonspots that will turn cream over time. The boy has a white poll and a partial belt. Both kids are up for grabs after DNA testing to confirm parentage.

Meanwhile, I had been eyeballing Jackie throughout the day but she wasn’t really on my radar because her udder had not filled. Well, imagine my surprise during evening milking when I glanced out the window and noticed Jackie squatting to push!

Chris helped me hustle Duchess and Co into the mama/baby stalls in the barn, and I hustled Jackie into the kidding stall. In no time at all, Jackie presented us with blue-eyed buck/doe twins! The boy (5lbs 2oz) is black with a couple white splashes on his side, and the girl (5lbs, 4oz) is a stunning wildly moonspotted buckskin with frosted ears and nose…JUST LIKE NIGHTHAWK! Both kids are long and angular and will have Jackie’s beautiful head and ears. The girl is reserved, but the boy is available one DNA results are back.

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