Khione’s 2023 Kidding (and the kidding season finale)

With bad weather due to roll in this weekend, I’ve been keeping a close eye on Khione. She had not developed much of a second-freshening udder, but had slowed down a bit this week; hanging close to the hay feeder every day. At 0715 this morning, on the 148th day after her breeding to Sors, her udder appeared to be a little more round but not very full. Her posture was a little hunched, which I chalked up to the chilly weather after checking her ligaments and finding them tight.

Apparently it was more than just the chilly weather. When I rounded on the goats at noon, I noticed Khione (still next to the hay feeder) nuzzling a little black baby on the ground. Luckily, her kidding stall was already prepared and waiting for her. I took her and the baby inside and finished getting him dry and warm. A quick bump told me that Khione soon have another kid, and she did. This one was a girl! Both kids are vigorous and healthy, and Khione is doing well. Here’s what she had:

Buckling: 4lbs, 10 oz. Black and Tan, frosted ears and nose, white on poll, partial belt

Doeling: 4lbs, 8 oz. Light brown bezoar, frosted ears and nose, white on poll, partial belt.

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