SizeMatter’s SGL Guinevere

SizeMatter’s SGL Guinevere (F5, 53.38% / 46.62%)

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Guin’s FF Udder

MDGA American

Sire: SonFlower Ranch’s Guyliner (Goat Trails Flynn x SonFlower Ranch’s Fortune)

Dam: GTO Ranch Gwendolyn AR*D*P (Moonlight Gwyneth x Soaring Hearts Mal Maison)

Born 2/15/21; will be small-medium height, wide and very dairy. Guinevere is a laid-back girl very similar to her dam with splashy markings and long ears. She is a much-anticipated doe because her dam has only had boys before now. She has been retained because of her dam’s fabulous milk production (peaking at 11.5lbs this year).

Kidding history:

2022: Singleton doeling, easy kidder

Pattern/Markings: Red cheek mahogany broken with white, white poll, white blaze on face, frosted ears.

Dam                                                             Sire


Dam’s Udder:                                                                            Sire’s Dam’s Udder


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