SizeMatter’s SGL Guinevere

SizeMatter’s SGL Guinevere (F5, 53.38% / 46.62%)

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MDGA American

Sire: SonFlower Ranch’s Guyliner (Goat Trails Flynn x SonFlower Ranch’s Fortune)

Dam: GTO Ranch Gwendolyn*D*P (Moonlight Gwyneth x Soaring Hearts Mal Maison)

Born 2/15/21; will be small-medium height, wide and very dairy. Guinevere is a laid-back girl very similar to her dam with splashy markings and long ears. She is a much-anticipated doe because her dam has only had boys before now. She has been retained because of her dam’s fabulous milk production (peaking at 11.5lbs this year).

Dam                                                             Sire


Dam’s Udder:                                                                            Sire’s Dam’s Udder


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