Blue Oaks Black Magic*D *P


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Blue Oaks Black Magic*D*P (F4, 63.22%/36.78%)

Sire: Fertile Earth Farm Alchemist (Blue Oaks Philosopher’s Stone x Blue Oaks Compass Rose)

Dam: Blue Oaks Shot Silver (Blue Oaks Benchmark x Blue Oaks Cat’s Meow)

Born 2/27/11, Short stature and broad. This mature doe comes to us from Green Eggers Farm, by way of Arizona. Thank you Indra and Thanh! She was accompanied by her daughter, Blackberry’s Sugar Snap Pea 2*P . She has beautiful breed character and a kidding history full of triplets. She has earned her milk star, and has the strong, wide build we are looking for at Size Matters. The icing on the cake is that she was bred to VCH River Bottom Ranch Idaho prior to leaving Green Eggers Farm. It’s been a goal of mine to add his genetics to our herd. Magic is due to kid after January 11th, 2019. Magic has a slew of beautiful, correct, high-producing kids and she will be a welcome addition to Size Matters. UPDATE: I couldn’t help but retain BOTH kids from her 2019 kidding. They both won Junior Grand Champion at our MHMM Goat show this year.

Magic is available as a retired doe with her bred daughter, Sugar.

Kidding History (incomplete)

2019: 1 buckling, 1 doeling

2018: 2 bucklings, 1 doeling

2017: 2 bucklings, 1 doeling

2015: 1 buckling, 2 doelings

2014: 1 buckling, 1 doeling


Some of Magic’s Kids


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