Pixie’s 2021 kidding

I’ve had my eye on Pixie for days as she has grown increasingly more uncomfortable. Even not pregnant, she is a very round goat with a huge rumen. With presumed twins on board, she was a veritable boat. On her 148th day after breeding with Atlas, I noticed a fuller udder, and lot more up-and-down activity. She could not get comfortable. At around 1pm, I moved her into her kidding stall, and observed contractions every 2 minutes. She was grunting and straining during contractions, but had not yet made any cervical change. I put her on camera and went inside to do some home-learning with my son. By 2:20pm, I decided to take a break and check on Pixie. Despite having regular contractions, she still had not progressed at all.  This was strange since it was not her first labor. I decided to stretch her cervix to see why she was not progressing. I gave her some Nutridrench for a boost of sugar and calcium, and proceeded to stretch her cervix with several contractions. I felt a round head, so I felt around and pulled a hoof forward that had been folded back. Then I found another round head. I carefully pulled on two legs hoping to bring a kid forward, but it soon became clear that the legs belonged to two different kids. After a little more searching, I found another folded leg, so I tried pulling again, and was able to bring forward a little doe kid (2lbs 14oz). We got her dried off and with mom, and I decided to check for the second one. I found a head and 2 legs and pulled. That didn’t work. Turns out, she had stuck a hind leg up front too. Once I got her legs sorted out, she came out pretty easily. Another doeling (2lbs 12 oz)! It seemed a little strange that big ol’ Pixie only had 2 pretty small babies in there, so I bumped her and felt hard parts. Pretty soon thereafter, a chunky buckling was born, weighing in at 6lbs, 6oz. Well done Pixie! One of these girls will be available, and the boy can be purchased as a pet wether. Pixie herself will be available in milk after weaning the kids.

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