The Best Laid Plans of Goats and Women

…Often go awry

Apologies to Rabbie Burns.


It wasn’t my plan to add any more goats to my herd this year. It certainly wasn’t Fancy’s plan to be placed in her 4th home in 6 years. However, events conspired last week that had us doing just that. A friend of mine sent out a message to our local goat community that she was having to take eleven goats from an emergency situation, and needed to get them re-homed ASAP. The emergency situation was the kind that a woman can find herself in when married to a certain kind of man – the kind of situation where she has to leave all she has in order to stay alive. So, my friend took them with the goal to sell them quickly and forward the money to the woman in question – so she could lock-in a safe place to live. Now these are nice goats. Registered, pretty, healthy, and tested (and the breed I’m working with). Better yet, the oldest one is half-sister to my Dena, who I am having to retire this year due to kidding difficulties. Sight unseen, I agreed to purchase Fancy. I knew being a SonFlower girl, I could count on her to be lovely and congenial. Turns out, I was right – plus more! Fancy is a 6-year-old F6 doe with lots of mothering experience (she tends to have triplets) and a capacious udder. Sure, her attachments could be better and her teats (and her ears) should be longer, but all in all, she’s a pretty package. She is incredibly deep and smoothly blended, and she has the biggest brisket I’ve seen on a doe. She has all the qualities I like about Dena and more. Even better, her daughter and granddaughter were part of the herd, and I got to see them too! It looks like she passes on her great qualities while yielding areas of improvement to the buck. I was able to get Fancy’s daughter and granddaughter re-homed with some friends who are thrilled with their new additions. A couple more goats from this situation went with another friend of mine. I believe there are still some boys who need homes, and if you are interested, please contact me.  For more about Fancy, you can see her profile page.


UPDATE: Happily, homes have been found for all the goats removed from the emergency situation.

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