Kids, 2019

Blackberry’s RBI

Hocus Pocus  and  GCH Witchcraft2*D2*P

Wicca and Hocus Pocus, 6 weeks.

These beautiful twins are the FIRST kids born on Size Matters this year. They carry the Blackberry’s herd name because their dam, Magic was already bred when I bought her.  With a genetic background full of and show wins and milk, we are planning to retain these two stunners. UPDATE: Witchcraft is now a finished grand champion, and Hocus has 2 grand champion legs!

Blackberry’s BSN

Sugar Boy and Harvest Moon

These little spotted beauties were born on January 24th and are both healthy, long kiddos. They will carry the Blackberry’s herd name because their dam, Sugar was already bred to Nick when I bought her. The boy is light red with brown spots, and the girl is light brown with taupe spots. Harvest Moon (Luna) is going to Indra Remender, who graciously sold me Sugar and Magic. Sugar Boy boy has unexpectedly become available. Please contact us if interested.

Blackberry’s BH L5-8

Blackberry’s BSN Luna
Blackberry’s BH Something Wicked “Trouble”
Blackberry’s BSN Waylon Jay


On February 2nd, Jackie gave us F4 quads by handsome Houdini! These 4 are lovely examples of breed character and conformation. They have heavy milk and big, soft udders in their pedigree, too. These 4 babies have been reserved for great homes.

Size Matter’s RML Shakti

This little girl is from our Vulcan/Layla pairing and she is the biggest of the triplet litter. Her dam’s previous owner noticed that she has a “bindi” on her forehead (Hindu third eye), so we have named her Shakti. She is black and tan with frosted ears and will be retained for our low generations project.


Size Matter’s RML Toby & Fawkes

These are Shakti’s brothers from our Layla/Vulcan breeding. They are sure to be wide, long and friendly like both of their parents. Since we are retaining Shakti, her dam  is for sale after weaning. Fawkes will be homed as a companion wether, and Toby is going as a herdsire.

Size Matter’s LC L12-14

These little triplets are from our Lucky/Vulcan pairing this year. We have 2 boys and a girl in this litter. Apparently Vulcan thought we needed even more of his black and white bucklings. Lucky has snuck in some of her beautiful roaning on the kids. The girl will be retained and the boys are available. These kids are F4, very petite with nice ears. Both the dam and sire’s dam will be on milk test this year, making a *B possible for the bucklings, who are available.

L12 “Spencer”

This little boy was only 2.2lbs at birth, but perfect! He has beautiful ears and an unusual roaning on his coat with black boots. Unlike his siblings, he has NO tan points or white on his head. He will be going to his new home as a wether companion to Toby.


Size Matter’s LC Oh Fortuna!*D*S (L13)

This little doll is the only doeling in the litter and will be retained. With a wink and nod to her dam, Lucky Charm, we have continued with our mythology names by naming her Fortuna. She has extensive roaning, beautiful ears and long, level back with an exceptionally long rump.



This boy is the biggest of the litter, weighing in at 4.4lbs. He is long and level, black roan with tan points, frosted ears and white poll. We lost this little guy at 4 months old during an unexpected late May blizzard.


Size Matter’s BD L15-17

F2 Mini Nubians

Tinker and Duke has graced us with 2 doelings and 1 buckling on 3-27-19. The girls are beautifully splashy, and the boy is an elegant black and tan like his sire. We will be retaining the girl L17! The buckling is available

Flora (L17)
Doeling (L15)
Buckling (L16)

Size Matter’s SQA Rhea

F1 (50/50) Mini Nubian

Screen Shot 2019-04-06 at 15.11.02.png

This little doll is from our Girlfriend/Ajax pairing. We are excited to be retaining her to bring in some new bloodlines. She should add excellent udder/teats/milk to the herd. Her coat is a fun black-belly chamoisee broken with white.

Size Matter’s BD L19-21

F5 Mini Nubian Bucklings

Gwendolyn / Duke

These 3 amigos will be joining the Cook family as pet wethers. We are thrilled that they will be going together!

Oh Boy

Size Matter’s BD Severus*B and Fiorello*B

F6 Mini Nubian Bucklings

These adorable F6 boys are from our Juno / Duke pairing. They are both, petite and dairy. Severus has loooong ears and Fiorello is a beautiful silver buckskin. They will both be leaving us as future herd sires.

SizeMatter’s BDL L24

F6 Mini Nubian Wether


This sweet boy is from our Duchess/Vulcan pairing this year. He will be smaller-sized and stands on well-set legs. He is dark brown with darker brown moonspots, which will likely lighten to light brown. He will be going to live with his Uncle Duke as a wether companion.

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