Looking for New Pastures

***Our herd is disease tested annually and G6S normal***

If you are interested in a SizeMatters goat, please review our Sales Policy and fill out our Reservation Form.

2021 FF does

SizeMatter’s BHP Boadicea

“Bo” F6 Mini Nubian Doe

Dam is an 8lb+ producer, sire is a finished champion.

Reserved, $550

2023 Doeling

SizeMatter’s OMK Themis (R5)

DOB: 2-7-23

F6 doeling

Gold, roaning, possible moonspots, partial belt, white on face and poll, brown-eyed, polled

Justice x Proett

Reserved, $550

Sanndy C Ranch Ember

“Ember” F6 Mini Nubian Doe

Very soft udder with large orifices, milks out quickly. Capacious udder easily feeding triplet bucklings as a FF.


Ember, 17months


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