Gemini’s First Kidding

Ok, this is getting embarrassing. I ALMOST missed this one too. After getting Justice and her babies settled, I ate a very late lunch and blogged the morning’s activities. Once that was done, I decided I better make a lap and check on everyone, starting with Gemini. It was 150 days after her breeding to Proett, and her ligaments had disappeared overnight. Her modest pre-freshening udder was beginning to fill and she had a general aura of confusion about her. By now, only she and Goldie were left in my pre-kidding pasture. I noticed she had spent the last several hours laying down, wedged between the fence and the hay feeder, which was also unusual enough for her. Determined not to have yet another outdoor delivery, I decided it was time for Justice to vacate the kidding area and Gemini to bunk down for the night. I moved Justice and her twins into the barn, cleaned out the kidding stall, and moved Gemini in. I got her settled, and made sure the camera was adjusted so I could watch her from the house. This left Goldie all alone in the pre-kidding pasture and she was telling me that this would NOT do. I moved her into the barn as well. She didn’t like that either, but at least she had some friends. I checked on Gwen and her babies from the this morning, and took a few minutes to make sure they were getting enough to eat. I headed back to the house and I had no sooner opened the door when I heard a blood-curdling goat scream over the monitor that was set-up in the kitchen. I knew it could mean only one thing, so I hightailed it back to the kidding area just in time to see Gemini drop her first baby. Within a few minutes, number 2 was born. She made it look so easy! Gemini is a long, deep doe with a very tightly attached little udder. I am looking forward to watching it mature. Here’s what she had:

Buckling 1: brown bezoar, scant moonspots, brown eyes, possibly polled. Available.

Buckling 2: dark brown bezoar, brown eyes, polled. Available.


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  1. Congratulations!!! Glad you got to see the lady one drop.. lol..

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