Andi’s 2022 Kidding

I expected Andi to kick off our kidding season earlier this week, but she had different plans. Pearl delivered. Brighid delivered. And finally, on the morning of her 152nd day, Andi lost her ligaments and started to look uncomfortable. She became obsessed with licking the towels I had laid out for kidding. However, by 1pm she really wasn’t progressing, so after her roommate, Brighid delivered, I decided to check Andi. She was expecting triplets and had an uncomplicated delivery of a singleton the previous year. Upon exam, I realized her cervix wasn’t dilated much. I suspected that the first kid was not positioned correctly, so I stretched her cervix until I could identify presenting parts. I found a hoof and nose, but the nose was definitely upside down (but vigorously moving). I was able to cup the head and roll it over, along with one of the shoulders. After that, it was smooth sailing, and the first kid – a large boy was delivered. He was 5lbs 12 oz, black & tan roan like Andi (no spots) and brown-eyed. Andi wasn’t contracting much at that point, so I pulled the second kid, a black & tan spot-less roan, brown-eyed girl (4lbs 12 oz). Andi worked on drying off the kids but didn’t seem to be contracting or pushing at all, so I pulled the third and final kid – a beautiful red and white girl, polled and blue-eyed (5lbs 4oz). Andi is acting like a veteran mama, and all three kids are nursing well.

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