Size Matters has French Pearl Guinea Fowl! These adorable little keets will grow into birds who look like something straight out of Dr Suess. They are here to wage biological warfare on pests like ticks, flies; and even mice and snakes. They make excellent watchdogs, too. Guineas are very in-tune with their environment and alert when anything new comes a long. They are also reportedly delicious; some restaurants have been known to use guineas in place of Cornish Game Hens.


5/25/18, UPDATE: Our Guinea population has drastically decreased. Four died pretty early on (this can be typical with very young, shipped poultry), and we sold 6. Then the unthinkable happened…..Yesterday was the first day they could hop out of their brooder and leave the coop. Fourteen of them just ran off the property in a covey. Gone. Two stayed in the coop and chicken run. This morning, there were 5 in the chicken coop. Hopefully, the other 11 guineas come home….


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