SonFlower Ranch’s Gorgeous George

***Our herd is disease tested annually and G6S normal***

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SonFlower Ranch’s Gorgeous George (F7, 52.29% Nubian/47.71% Nigerian)

MDGA Purebred

Sire: SonFlower Ranch’s Fallon (SonFlower Ranch’s Elvin x SonFlower Ranch’s Francis)

Dam: SonFlower Ranch’s Frenzy (Soaring Heart’s Gilles x SonFlower Ranch’s Faith)

Born 4-1-2017, long, medium build; official height 29.5″ at his high, sharp withers. Have you ever seen a child who is impossibly better looking than both his parents? That’s what George is like. Georgie is returning to SizeMatters from Genoa Meadows. He is the only goat I’ve sold that I regretted selling, so when the opportunity came to bring him back, I jumped at the chance. Since leaving here, George has proven himself by throwing beautiful kids with excellent breed character and fun colors. His colorful daughters are beginning to freshen with promising udders. His dam and granddam are gallon/day milkers, with capacious udders and large teats. To top it off, George has a quiet, gentle temperament. With babies on the way, George’s work here is done. Sale Pending.

Some of George’s parents and grandparents:

Some of George’s daughters:

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