Lucky’s 2018 Kidding

Lucky kicked off our kidding season last night by delivering a healthy little buckling. She was 149 days pregnant. I’ve been feeling her ligaments over the last week and they finally loosened up yesterday morning. I noticed her udder was also a lot bigger. Although she wasn’t acting any differently, I decided to keep her in the indoor kidding stall (attached to the milking room) after evening milking. I’ve been putting her in there during milking time every day over the last week to get her accustomed to the area and give her a small grain ration. I turned the radio on to a classical station so she wouldn’t feel too alone (thanks for the tip, Noriko!) and let her settle in while I watched her by camera from in the house. I notified my support system, including Lynde (my goat mentor) and the vet. I studied up on repositioning kids during delivery. Lucky’s first delivery did not go well, so I was a little nervous. By 10:30, she was making some serious grunting sounds, so I hustled out. At 10:55, her water broke and she began pushing. At first, I saw a single hoof, and then after a few pushes a very squished nose appeared. I gloved up and felt around for the second leg, but it was too far back to grab, and Lucky was making good progress with pushes. I provided a little pulling on the head and shoulder, and soon the baby was born. He was a little shocked by the whole thing and needed some rubbing and stimulation to get going, but he transitioned quickly. Right away, Lucky was obsessed with licking him, to the point that she wouldn’t let him nurse because she wanted to lick him more. I helped him get some drinks and dipped his umbilical cord stump with chlorhexadine. Lucky got a dose of CMPK, grain, fresh alfalfa and molasses water. By then it was about 1:00 am, so I tucked everyone in and got some sleep. This morning, she was STILL licking him (but at least letting him eat)!

This little buckling is long and dairy like both parents and has his dad’s long, angular rump. I like his “V” marking on his side.  This boy already has a very special home lined up. I am pleased with this breeding and will likely repeat it. I would love to retain a daughter.

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  1. This was interesting and informative. Congratulations on the safe delivery!

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