***Our herd is disease-tested annually and G6S normal***

We currently have 2 bucks in house at Size Matters (hopefully we will be retaining some stellar 2022 bucklings), and they each bring something special to the table.  Please click on the blue hyperlink to see the individual pages

Stud Service: The bucks are available for driveway dates only. Your doe must have proof of current negative CAE/CL/Johne’s status. The cost is $100, and you may bring your doe for repeat breedings if she has difficulty conceiving. Buck slip is included in the price. Please contact us if you are interested in stud service.


SizeMatter’s GTT Sors*S*B

F5 Mini Nubian Buck

RGCH x 2

Heavy Milk Lines

Great Udders 

Strong Conformation

Small Size


Sors, 4 months

SizeMatter’s GGA Boreas*S*B

F5 Mini Nubian Buck

Heavy Milk Lines

Great Udders

Very Dairy

Breed Character


Boreas, 4 months
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