Khione’s First Kidding

It’s our kidding season finale and Khione did not disappoint! On the evening of the 147th day after her breeding to Proett, I noticed her ligaments were looser and her little pre-freshening udder was firmer. The weather was cold and damp, so I made sure to get her into the climate-controlled kidding area. She was pretty irritated with the whole situation and told me in many different ways her opinion of my goat-keeping skills. By the next morning, she was still pregnant, but noticeably more quiet. Her eyes were huge and her appetite was small, so I knew we were headed in the right direction. I watched her carefully all day, but had to step away for about an hour in the afternoon to pick up my own kids from school. If you guessed that she invoked the doe code, you’d be correct! I checked on her as soon as I got home, and wouldn’t you know it, there were buck/doe kids on the ground with the sacs still partially intact. I quickly got them dried off and Khione’s maternal instincts kicked in. Before long, the kids were up and nursing. The doe is polled, black with moonspots and very long ears. She will be retained. The boy is chocolate with moonspots and is available. Please contact us if you are interested.

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