Blackberry’s RBI Belle Pepper

***Our herd is disease tested annually and G6S normal***

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Blackberry’s RBI Belle Pepper (F1, 76.81% Nubian/23.19% Nigerian)

MDGA Experimental

TMGR Experimental

Sire: VCH River Bottom Ranch Idaho (Echo Hills Charminator x RiverBottomRanch Bliss)

Dam: Urban Acres TB Carolina Heat (SG Urban Acres Charming Troubadour +*B x SGCH Urban Acres Cayenne 4*M)

Born 4/2/2020. Official height 26.5″ at 2 years. I am so excited about this girl! First of all, her sire is Idaho, who already has ribbon-winning offspring in our herd. Second of all, her dam is from the illustrious Urban Acres farm; producing some of the most correct and milky Nubians in the country right now. She has a string of beautiful udders behind her. Pepper is a stunning doe with the sweetest, quietest temperament I’ve seen. With her high-percentage Nubian, she naturally has fantastic breed character, but she has inherited the low-wide build of her sire, Idaho. Her rear assembly is unbelievably wide! I cannot wait to watch her grow and work her into our program. After her 2022 kidding, she will be on test to earn her milk star.

Pattern/Markings: Red Cheek Mahogany over Black and Tan. Partial belt, white on poll and nose.

Kidding History: 

2022: buck/doe twins, no complications

Pepper’s FF Udder (uneven from producing more than kids need)

Praise for Pepper during the TMGR Conformation Clinic

Evaluator comments: This doe is very balanced and correct from the side profile. Really nice head and ear. The neck blends nicely into the wither and the shoulder is smooth and appropriately angled. The foreleg is placed correctly under the wither. The foreleg is very straight and correct, however I would like to see the fore canon longer which would make her stature a bit more correct. She has a very strong and straight back. The rump is a bit short from hip to pin, although her rear leg is correctly balanced. The pasterns are correct in length and the hoof shape is correct. Her front end assembly is very correct from the front view as well with nice width and strength to the chest. From the rear she shows nice shape to the escutcheon, and width between the hocks. She has nice substance to bone yet flat and clean in the thigh. Over the top I’d like to see her hip wider from thurl to thurl and the rump longer from hip to pin. She does have great shape to the fore ribs and great spring of rib. This doe has lots of power and correct front end, so using a buck with strong rumps and dairy strength would be best.

-Evaluator Rebecca Nix​

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