Tinker’s 2019 Kidding

IMG_3269Oops, I did it again…I missed Tinker’s kidding by minutes. Last year, she kidded out by the kids’ playground. This year, I knew something was up and had her in the kidding stall, at least.

Tinker wrapped a busy day on the farm by giving us triplets by Duke. This morning after breakfast, I headed out to do some chores and wouldn’t make it back inside until about 3pm. We had a few scheduled goat visits and it was a beautiful day. Tinker was sticking with the herd, but was taking more breaks than usual from the hay bale. She was 146 days pregnant and very rotund. By afternoon, her udder was quite a bit bigger and her ligaments were gone. She did not seem to be uncomfortable, but I went ahead and put her in the kidding stall before heading inside to catch up on laundry and rehydrate. Shortly after that, my husband came home with take out and cake (oh yeah, it was my birthday!). About halfway through the festivities, I checked my kidding camera and realized it wasn’t lined up correctly and I didn’t have a good view of the stall. I went out to adjust the camera, and low and behold, there were three little babies lined up like sardines. By the looks of things, I missed it by about 5 minutes. I helped Tinker get them dried off and dipped their cords. They were all really vigorous and weighed between 4lbs 14oz and 6lbs, 6oz. There is one boy who is black and tan like Duke, and two girls. The bigger girl is black and tan with lots of white splashes, and the smaller one is a broken buckskin like Tinker. We will be retaining one of the girls, but the other 2 are available.

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