Milk for Animal Consumption

milk for animal consumption

As many people know, the high-digestibility of goat’s milk makes it an ideal mother’s milk replacer for animal young of all kinds. Per Colorado law, raw milk for animal consumption must be dyed to make it identifiable. Not being a fan of artificial food coloring, Size Matters uses all-natural beet root powder to tint the milk. After mixing a batch of tinted milk, we pour it into 6oz breast-milk storage bags and place it in the deep-freeze. These bags are available for $.50 apiece. We have packaged it this way as a convenience for small-animal owners (if you need a larger quantity of milk, please contact us). You’ll find this is a bargain compared to pet store pricing. Our milk is safe too! Our goats are disease-tested annually and our milk is tested for disease monthly by an independent lab.

If you are interested in milk for human consumption, click here.

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, the federal Food and Drug Administration and other authorities have issued information and warnings regarding hazards of consuming raw milk. The customer assumes all responsibility for consuming raw milk produced from Size Matters Microranch. Size Matter’s Microranch shall not be liable to the customer for any sickness, death, loss or damage from the production of raw milk produced and delivered to the customer.


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