Gloria’s 2018 Kidding

Gloria (elegant as ever) in labor

Gloria gave us twin doelings on April 26th. Over the last several days, I noticed her ligaments getting softer and her udder filling. Before going to bed on the night of the 25th, I checked her one more time and her ligaments had totally disappeared. She didn’t seem to be in labor yet, but I was nervous about leaving her outside, especially since a cold front had come through that day. I went ahead and put her in the indoor kidding stall and woke a few times through the night to check her via my camera. In the morning, she still wasn’t in labor and clearly unhappy about being inside, so I let her back out with the herd. Around 10 am, she had a noticeable shift in demeanor and was off by herself with the “thousand yard stare”. I returned her to the kidding stall and kept an eye on her throughout the day. After picking up my daughter Bella from school, Bella ran in to see Gloria and ran back out, shouting “She’s doing it! She’s grunting!” Sure enough, Gloria was pushing, even though her water hadn’t broke yet. She delivered the first girl with the sac intact. I broke it open and Gloria licked her clean. Gloria seemed pretty relaxed at this point and in no hurry to proceed with her labor. I “bumped” her to make sure we were still expecting more kids, and I did feel definite baby parts. I suspected Gloria was a little calcium depleted, so I gave her a couple Tums to help with her contractions. Shortly after, she delivered an even larger doeling, also with the sac intact. The placenta came shortly after. Gloria finished cleaning both kids and they were able to start feeding with a little assistance. We will be retaining the solid color doeling and selling the one with all the frosting. For more information, see our For Sale page.

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  1. Megan, you amaze me!

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