Here at Size Matters, we employ Livestock Guardian Dogs (LGDs) to keep our goat herd safe. For as long as we’ve had goats, we’ve used dogs to patrol the perimeter and warn predators away. We have yet to lose a goat to a predator despite being in the forest with bears and mountain lions in the area. We would not be able to raise goats the way we do without these essential protectors. LGDs aren’t merely farm dogs; they have thousands of years of breeding behind them, making them uniquely suited to their jobs. They are fierce with enemies and gentle with babies. They are intelligent and bred for independence which makes them great at their jobs, but can be frustrating for their owners. For years, we relied on Chumley, our Great Pyrenees to keep us safe. Great Pyrenees are one of the most well-known LGD breeds in the US, and for good reason. They are steady and friendly. Unfortunately, they love to constantly expand their boundaries and will try to guard the whole region if allowed. Because of this, the most common causes of death for GPs are being hit by cars and poisoning. Chumley is well-known in our area because he escapes as often as he can to meet new people. As you can imagine, this is a problem for us, so when it was getting time for him to retire, we decided to add a breeding pair of Karakachans. Karakachans are a Bulgarian breed with a “fight or die” approach to predators and a non-roaming temperament. While our Ks like to occasionally breach the gate to find treasures like deer legs, they are never gone for long. Here are our current dogs.


Great Pyrenees

Neutered Male, retired


Registered Karakachan

Neutered Male

Calm, suspicious of strangers but quick to warm-up. Territorial and protective of livestock and family.



Registered Karakachan

Intact Female

Shy and slow to warm up to strangers, extremely loyal to family, fiercely protective of pups.

Mary Jane

Registered Karakachan

Intact Female

Friendly and loving to everyone



Honorary LGD, Dachsund mix

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