Pixie’s 2020 kidding


Miss Pixie is a rare thing in the goat world: a 4 year old first freshener. She became pregnant the day after arriving here after a successful breeding to Hocus Pocus. I really wasn’t sure what to expect from her as I’d never had an FF this old before. Turns out, there was no reason to be worried because Pixie did great.

On her 148th day, her ligaments loosened but her udder wasn’t quite there yet. I kept a close eye on her but it wasn’t until the following afternoon that she really started into labor. She was standing off by herself and had “that look”. If a goat can look preoccupied, she did. By evening milking, she was ready to push so I moved her into the kidding stall, and she easily delivered a red bezoar buckling. After several more minutes, I got impatient and checked her to find hind feet presenting, so I helped her deliver a little light brown/roan mini me buckling. Both kids have brown eyes and managed to avoid inheriting moonspots from their sire. They are both available! They are both nice and long. Pixie has a capacious udder with great teat size and placement. With a fully mature rumen and twin bucklings, she has a great head-start on her milk-production career.

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