Brighid’s First Kidding


Sometimes they make it look easy. As a first freshener, Brighid was expecting triplets, but really did not look that big compared to her other triplet-expecting cohorts. On the morning of her 150th day, I noticed that Brig was preferring to lay in the polydome instead of hang out at the hay feeder with her herd. I noticed her little pre-freshening udder was tighter, and her ligaments had all but disappeared. I made a note to expect kids later in the afternoon/evening, after Andi had delivered. I moved Pearl and her little family out of the kidding stall and into the barn, and cleaned out the kidding stall. I got Brighid settled and noticed she was already starting to stream a little clear mucous. I figured I didn’t have much time, so I went in to help my son finish his Valentine’s mailbox (a Coca Cola vending machine), and headed back out to the kidding stall. Brighid was grunting and pushing, so I checked and and found a hoof and a nose lined-up perfectly. I put a little traction on the presenting hooves and Brig had the tiny (3lbs, 12oz) girl out in another push. She is a perfect little mini-me of her mama with moonspots and blue eyes. She is also polled with frosted ears. For now, we are retaining her for evaluation. The next two kids came in quick succession; both were positioned perfectly. The second was a tiny boy (2lbs, 14oz). He looks very similar to his sire, Trigger, but is horned. The third one was another girl. She is brown with a single moonspot, and probably horned; 3lbs, 5oz. All 3 kids are up and nursing vigorously!

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