SizeMatter’s GNH Gemini

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***Our herd is disease tested annually and G6S normal***

SizeMatter’s GNH Gemini (F6)

MDGA Purebred

Sire: GTO Ranch NightHawk (B-52’s Scout x GTO Ranch Jet*P)

Dam: Blackberry’s BH Dulce de Leche 2*D(BlackBerry’s Houdini x Grape Creek Dolcetta*D*P )

Born 4-16-2021. She will be a small mini, taking after both her parents. She probably won’t be ready for breeding until her second fall. She is dairy, correct, and wildly spotted. Her base coat appears to be red, but it’s hard to tell since over 80% is covered in chocolate-y moonspot, with some silver moonspots on top of that. She should have a good roman nose in adulthood. She should be a big milker for her size, with a well-attached and soft udder. We are extremely proud of Gemini, who won the Reserve Grand Champion Junior Doe in both rings at the 2022 WyDGA Fuzzy Show. Since the Ring 1 GCH was disqualified due to tattoo issues, Gemini now has her dry CH leg. Gemini has been bred to Proett for Spring 2023 kids.

Pattern/markings: Red bezoar, heavy moonspotting.

Praise for Gemini at the 2021 TMGR Conformation Clinic:

“Wide in the front…. Front legs are correct, straight and she has correct angulation in the rear legs…Her topline is level enough with a decent set from hips to pins. She has adequate width in hind legs and is open in the escutcheon.”

-Evaluator Sam Whiteside

Sire                       Dam



Dam’s Udder


Sire’s Dam’s udder. Jet won Best Udder in both rings at our 2022 MHMM Show. 

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