SonFlower Ranch’s Dena



Dena’s 6th freshening, 9-year-old udder. Still high and tight!

SonFlower Ranch’s Dena (F4, 50.78%/49.22%)

MDGA American

Sire: Echo Hill’s Eric (SS: Echo Hill’s Jonah, SD: Echo Hill’s Easter Returns)

Dam: SonFlower Ranch’s Chocolate Kiss (DS: Paw Paw Nin Willoughby, DD: SonFlower Ranch’s Betsy)

Born 03/26/10. Small stature and wide, 23.5″*. Dena is our most senior doe, and our smallest. She has a friendly, easy temperament and consistent performance in the milk pail. She fought for her life last year after the very difficult delivery of a large, stillborn, malpositioned buckling. Subsequently, she took the year off of milking and has recovered. Dena’s daughter Fiona, is the current herd queen. Dena recently kidded a wildly moonspotted buckling by Ruger. She has been reserved as a pair with her daughter, Docie and will be leaving Size Matters in August.

Kidding History: 2012, doeling, 2013, singleton doeling; 2015, twins – 1 buckling/1 doeling, 2016, twins – 1 buckling/1 doeling; 2017, stillborn buckling; 2018 singleton buckling.


* This height is unofficial. All heights are taken with a miniature horse measuring stick as recommended by MDGA. All heights are my best effort as my goats seem to think the aforementioned measuring stick is a tool of the devil.

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