Reference Goats

Unfortunately, we can’t keep everyone, and occasionally it is time to rehome adult goats when numbers get high or when retirement has been earned. Here are links to animals whose offspring are still working at Size Matters. If you would like information on an animal you don’t see here, please contact us.


“Proett” F5 Mini Nubian Buck

Green Gables SOF Atlas*B

Goat Trails Pull The Trigger*B

Trigger, 4 months old; Kelsey Rose Photography

GTO Ranch Nighthawk

Screen Shot 2019-07-15 at 17.10.10

Sonflower Ranch’s Guyliner

Guy, 14 months; courtesy of Kelsey Rose photography

SonFlower Ranch’s Gorgeous George

George, 3 years old, courtesy of Kelsey Rose Photography

Blackberry’s RBI HocusPocus

Hocus, 1.5yrs

Size Matter’s Vulcan*B

Vulcan, 16 months old


SizeMatter’s LC Oh Fortuna!*D*P

“Fort” F4 Mini Nubian

2021 V-show

Blackberry’s RBI Belle Pepper

“Pepper”, F1 Mini Nubian Doe


FMCH Blackberry’s RBI Witchcraft AR 2*D 2*P

“Wicca” F5 Mini Nubian

Finished Grand Champion

Blackberry’s RBI Snow Flurry2*D 2*P

“Flurry” F5 Mini Nubian

2021 Mile High Mini Milkers Reserve Grand Champion Sr Doe, both rings

SizeMatter’s BHP Agate

“Aggie” F6 Mini Nubian Doe

SizeMatter’s SGL Guinevere

“Guin” F5 Mini Nubian Doe

SonFlower Ranch’s Andromeda*D*P

Andi, 5 months

GTO Ranch Isle of Islay

“Scotchie” F5 Mini Nubian

Blackberry’s BH Dulce de Leche 2*D 2*P


Gambit Farms Claire’s Pixie Dust

Screen Shot 2020-02-09 at 19.51.49

SonFlower Ranch’s Dena


GTO Ranch Lucky Charm

Lucky, 2.5 years old

Blue Oaks Black Magic *P

Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 08.30.33
Black Magic, Courtesy of Green Eggers

Blackberry’s Jackie


Size Matter’s Juno*P

“Juno” F6 Mini Nubian 



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