Gwendolyn’s 2018 Kidding

Sometimes, they just make it look easy. Gwendolyn had a textbook kidding yesterday evening at suppertime. I was a little anxious for her since her only kid last year was large and stillborn. Two days ago, I noticed that her udder was remarkably bigger, and her ligaments were getting looser. Yesterday morning, her ligaments were gone, but she was still acting normal. By 4pm, she had isolated herself from the herd. They were in the goat lot and she was 100 yards away in the forest. That’s pretty unusual for her. I checked on her again at 5:45, and she was in the same spot, so I decided to put her in her kidding stall. I came inside to eat, but my tacos would have to wait. As soon as I turned on my camera, I saw that she was laying down, straining to push. Within about 15 minutes, she delivered a large, heavily-spotted, mini-me buckling. His little brother followed about 10 minutes later. Both kids were vigorous at birth and up nursing within an hour. I love the size and width of these boys. They are for sale! These boys both have wide noses that promise to be roman, and pendulous ears. Funny enough – both of these boys carry a “V” for their sire, Vulcan. The older one has a chestnut V on his head, and the younger one has a white V on his side. Update: These boys are now pet wethers in new homes.

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