FMCH Blackberry’s RBI Witchcraft AR2*D 2*P

***Our herd is disease tested annually and G6S normal***

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FMCH Blackberry’s RBI Witchcraft AR2*D 2*P(F5, 58.42% / 41.58%)

MDGA American

TMGR American

Sire: VCH River Bottom Ranch Idaho (River Bottom Ranch Charminator x River Bottom Ranch Bliss)

Dam: Blue Oaks Black Magic*D*P (Fertile Earth Farm’s Alchemist x Blue Oaks Shot Silver)

Born 1/10/19, “Wicca” is our first 2019 doe! Official height 26.5″ at 2 years and WIDE. Her dam was bought already bred, so she carries the esteemed Blackberry’s Herd name.  I can already tell she has her dam’s fantastically-shaped pelvic structure. She will have a prominent roman nose and bell-shaped ears. She already has very long teats, just like her dam. Wicca has already distinguished herself by winning Junior Grand Champion in both rings at our 2019 Mile High Mini Milkers Show! She was bred to Atlas for a March 2021 doeling, and earned stars in BOTH registries on her first milk test at 33 days fresh. That’s pretty impressive for a first freshener with a singleton doeling! UPDATE: Wicca is now a finished champion! She took Grand Champion Sr Doe and Best Udder in both rings at our 2021 Mile High Mini Milkers Show. Her daughter, Salem took Grand Champion Jr Doe in Ring 2.  

Pattern/Markings: Black and Tan over Red Cheek Mahogany, frosted ears and nose, heavy moonspotting. 

Kidding History: 

2022: Buck/doe twins, easy delivery

2021: Singleton doeling, easy kidder

Fall 2020 V-Show (dry yearling)




Wicca’s Kids


Salem, 3.5months, courtesy of Bad Alibi Dairy Goats.


Wicca’s FF Udder:

Star Cert Wicca

Praise for Wicca at the 2020 TMGR Conformation Clinic

 ….I’d like to see the neck a bit longer to match the tremendous length of body this doe has. The neck is nicely set into the shoulder assembly, with a very correct angle to the shoulder. The foreleg is set correctly under the wither and she has a very nice set of fore legs. Being straight from both the front and side and wide apart. With very correct hoof shape and length of pastern. She has a very correct front end assembly when viewed from the front and from over the top. Showing a lot of shape to the fore rib and full in the crops. She has a very correct barrel with a nice spring of rib and increasing depth into the flank….She has a nice clean escutcheon with nicely placed teats….This doe has a lot of power and substance in her front end and I would probably focus on breeding her to a buck with exceptional head and breed characteristics as well as dairy strength and correct wide rumps.

-Evaluator Rebecca Nix

Praise for Wicca at the 2021 TMGR Conformation Clinic:

“Deep bodied first freshener. Impressive for her body capacity. She should show more strength and depth in the front end. She has a correct front end with the front legs under the withers. Legs are straight with appropriate angulation in the rear. Toes should be tighter, but good depth of heel. The mammary is adequate for a first freshener, but it needs to be higher in the rear….”

-Evaluator Sam Whiteside


                                      Dam                                          Sire


Dam’s Udder


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