Opus 7 Farm KB Miracle Kisses

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***Our herd is disease tested annually and G6S normal***


Opus 7 Farm KB Miracle Kisses “Proett”(F5, 55.42%Nubian/44.58% Nigerian)

MDGA American

TMGR Experimental

Sire: Opus 7 Farm GJ Boruto Rockies Man (Carpenter Ranch MJ Jackson x SonFlower Ranch’s Geisha)

Dam: Green Gables DOF Hershey’s Kisses(Green Gables SF Dash of Freedom*B x Green Gables SS Hershey’s Bliss*P)

Born 4/29/21, I expect this boy to be a medium-sized buck with a wide, deep build. This beautiful boy brings milk, milk, milk, fantastic udder attachments and classic Green Gables good looks to our farm. “Proett” has a pretty cool backstory. His dam, Kisses had a tragic first-freshening complication and lost half her udder and nearly her life to an aggressive mastitis shortly after kidding. In order to avoid such complications in the future, it was determined that Kisses needed a mastectomy. However, there was no one in her area who could accomplish this, so her breeder worked with Noriko Proett to bring her to Colorado where the surgery could be performed at CSU, and Kisses could continue her dairy career at Opus 7 Farm. After a full recovery, Noriko bred her to the handsome Boruto and ultrasound confirmed a twin pregnancy. I joked with her that if she had a polled and blue-eyed boy, I would buy such a miraculous kid (It can be pretty uncommon to find this combination with such a well-established milk/udder/confirmation pedigree). Well, kidding day came, and Kisses had 2 beautiful girls. I was a little disappointed, but before we knew it, Kisses surprised us with a lovely little miraculous buckling! Since Noriko is retiring her breeding program, Kisses’ story comes full circle as she returns to Green Gables. I thought it would be fitting to nickname this buckling “Proett” for all of Noriko’s hard work. He will likely be too young to breed this fall, but we look forward to working his fantastic genetics into our herd.

Pattern/markings: red/brown bezoar with chocolate modifier, moonspots, random white, frosted ears and nose, blue eyes.

Sire:                                                             Dam:


Dam’s Dam’s udder:


Sire’s Dam’s Udder

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