Mini Nubian Goats

We breed high-quality Mini Nubian goats with a goal of beautiful conformation and high milk production.

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UPDATE: As of Summer 2023, we have liquidated our goat herd and stopped our Livestock Guardian Dog program. Please continue to use this site as a resource (there are lots of great blog posts) and feel free to reach out with questions!

We started our 5-acre homestead in Black Forest, Colorado a few years back with the vague goal of being able to produce some of our own meat, dairy and eggs. To that end, we have goats and chickens. It has been a very rewarding hobby for us – not only do we produce a lot of our own food, but we barter and swap for what we lack. Along the way, we began breeding Mini Nubians. They are a mid-size dairy goat, both easy to keep and handle, but with the potential to produce a lot of high-butterfat milk. Of course, keeping goats “in milk” means having goat kids, so we decided to try to produce the highest-quality kids we could in order to help grow and improve the relatively new Mini Nubian breed. Every spring and summer, we will have kids available for new homes. Throughout the year, we will have a limited number of goat milk herd shares available for those interested in obtaining fresh goat milk for home use. Please explore our site and feel free to contact us with questions or feedback. Thanks for stopping by!


Langston Certified DHIA Milk Tester

Certified in FAMACHA


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