SizeMatter’s LC Oh Fortuna!*D*P

***Our herd is disease tested annually and G6S normal***

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SizeMatter’s LC Oh Fortuna! (F4, 57.5%/42.5%)

MDGA American

TMGR American

Sire: SizeMatter’s Vulcan*B (Green Gables Mojo *B+B x Sonflower Ranch’s Fiona*D*P)

Dam: GTO Ranch Lucky Charm (Soaring Heart’s Mal Maison x Paradise Charming)

Born 2/9/19, official height 25″ at 3 years. Fortuna is one of triplets and a very stylish girl. She is very dairy and feminine with a high escutcheon and good breed character. She is a black roan sundgau with frosted ears and nose. Her stylish looks and sweet temper are a welcome addition to our farm. Fortuna did quite well in our 2019 Mile High Mini Milkers Show. She came in 2nd in her age group (behind Grand Champion herd mate Wicca). Fort was bred to Blackberry’s RBI Hocus Pocus for Feb 2021 twins, and is milking a respectable 4-5lbs daily. Fort has a socked-on udder with nice-size teats and large orifices. Fort competed in our 2021 Mile High Mini Milkers show and placed 4th and 6th out of 9 entries. The Ring 1 judge called her the overall best in general appearance. Fort has earned her stars with both registries by producing 8.5lbs of milk over 24hours at 5 weeks fresh during her second-freshening. Star Cert Fort

Pattern/Markings: Black and Tan, moderate roaning, some white on poll throat and belly. Frosted ears and nose.

Fort’s Second-Freshening Udder:

Fort’s First Freshening Udder:

Kidding History:

2022: Triplet bucklings

2021: buck/doe twins


Praise for Fort at the 2019 TMGR Caprine Conformation Clinic:

This doeling exhibits prominent withers and nice spring of rib, fullness at the point of elbow and good strength in the chine and loin. She stands on square front legs and well-angulated rear legs when viewed from the side, with excellent pasterns and feet with hoof soles that are uniform in depth from heel to toe. When viewed from the rear, she exhibits a high, wide escutcheon. She is deep in the heart girth and wide in the chest, and has adequate depth of body for her age.

-Evaluator Jean Harrison

Dam, Lucky Charm                        Sire, Vulcan


Dam’s Udder


Sire’s Dam’s Udder

Fort’s kids



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