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An almost perfect picture of twins, until Fiona photobombed it

We raise registered (MDGA and/or TMGR) Mini Nubians; currently F1-7. Our herd is entirely G6S normal, by testing or parentage. We test every 3 years for TB and Brucellosis, and annually for CAE and Johne’s. An annual abscess check is performed by our veterinarian, since the herd has tested negative for CL. For more about disease testing and current results, click here. Our goats are vaccinated annually for CD/T, and kids will have their first shots prior to leaving us.We attempt to feed our goats the best diet possible. They are allowed free choice local alfalfa and minerals, and milking does are supplemented with grain from Fehringer Farms in Nebraska. Fehringer’s provides a feed ration of small grains (corn- and soy-free) grown organically without GMOs. Any animal showing difficulty maintaining weight is supplemented with Calf Manna.


Because of our high (7500 ft) and dry climate, we rarely run into problems with parasites. Unlike other parts of the country, our vet does not recommend routine worming and coccidia prevention. Instead, we assess goats individually using FAMACHA criteria and run a fecal test prior to treating.

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Our skillful vet disbudding a kid who is sedated

Click on our Buck , Doe  and Kids pages to meet the herd!



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