Fort’s 2022 kidding – it’s as easy as 1,2,3!

I always have at least one watched-pot kidding every year. You know, the ones you watch and check and watch and lose sleep over – and then they pop out the babies when you aren’t looking. Spoiler alert: Fort did that today.

Fort’s udder just got bigger and bigger this week. As a second freshener who hadn’t even kidded yet, it looked huge to me. By Saturday, it was tight and shiny. Her ligaments were all but gone. I set up my “spare” indoor kidding pen next to Fiona (who surprised us earlier with a super rapid delivery). I made sure she was in overnight so the kids could be warm if I wasn’t there to help out with the expected triplets. I shouldn’t have bothered because she didn’t kid that night. Or the next night, despite my anxious checking of the monitor through the night. This morning while milking, I noticed she was laying somewhat awkwardly in the pen, but she did NOT jump up for her pellets. This immediately made me suspicious and I vowed to be there just as soon as I got the human kids to school. She must have heard me because when I returned, there were 3 brand new (still wet and wobbly) bucklings! No wonder that udder got so big. She gave us the variety pack as well. The bruiser of the pack is brown with frosted ears and 5lbs even. The next biggest is black and tan with frosted ears and 4lbs, 10oz. The littlest one is a blue roan with frosted ears. He is also polled and weighs in at 4lbs 8oz. I might fuss about missing the delivery, but I’d rather they come out fast than need to be helped out. I have no doubt these boys will grow big quickly on Fort’s amazing milk supply. She is sure to get her star this year on milk test, making these little guys *B in short order.

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