GTO Ranch Gwendolyn AR*D*P

Our herd is disease-tested annually and G6S normal

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Gwendolyn’s 5th-freshening udder

Gwendolyn’s second-freshening udder

GTO Ranch Gwendolyn AR*D*P (F4, 54.9%, 44.10%)

MDGA American

TMGR American

Sire: Soaring Heart’s Mal Maison *B (SS: FMCH Echo Hill’s Rio Bravo *B, SD: FMCH Soaring Heart’s Rose Bonaparte *P)

Dam: Moon Light Gwenyth (DS: VCH Echo Hill’s GD Casanova +B, DD: Carpenter Ranch Heidi)

Born 1/18/16, stature medium, wide. Official height 26.5″ at 2.5 years old. Gwendolyn is a very nicely-built doe. She is long and dairy; and wide. She has long ears and strong roman nose. She has a large, capacious udder, long teats, and had a nice length of lactation last year.  She easily kidded twin bucklings 5/24/18, and triplet bucklings in 2019. Her boys have consistently had beautiful breed character and her long, dairy build. Gwen has earned her milk star during her FIRST time 1-day testing this year. Gwen has also distinguished herself by placing first in her age group at the 2019 Mile High Mini Milkers Show, and her son, SizeMatter’s BHP Burlap*B won Grand Champion Sr Buck in our 2021 Mile High Mini Milkers Show. Gwen will be bred to Soaring Heart’s Sunstone *B*S for April 2021 kids.

Pattern/Markings: Red Cheek Mahogany, frosted ears and nose, white on poll and left side, moonspots.

Kidding History:

2021: 2 bucklings, 1 doeling

2020: Singleton buckling

2019, triplet bucklings

2018, twin bucklings

2017, stillborn buckling;

Praise for Gwendolyn in the 2018 TMGR Caprine Conformation Clinic:

This 2 year old 2nd freshening doe exudes dairy character with her long feminine neck and sharp angular bone pattern. She has a capacious mammary system that is well attached….She has lovely breed character with a nice roman nose. Her front end assembly is very correct with her front legs placed directly under her withers. She has very nice angulation in her rear legs, but could be stronger on her rear pasterns.

-Ken Feaster-Eytchison

Gwendolyn’s Parents

Gwen’s kids

2021 Triplets:

2020 Buckling:


2019 bucklings

2018 twin bucklings

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