Goldie’s First Kidding

There’s at least one watched pot every year, and this year was no exception. Goldie carried to a whopping 155 days after her breeding to Proett, and was the last doe to kid in “phase 1”, despite being the first one due. All 3 of her phase 1 herd mates kidded the day before, so I put her in the barn with them to prevent undue stress and loneliness. She was not impressed and generally made everyone’s lives miserable with her fussing. However, she settled down eventually and passed an uneventful night. By the next morning, she must have gotten the memo, because her ligaments were gone. Her beautiful little udder that had appeared the week before and was also a little more full. Of course, I had a busy day planned because I had expected to have a break in kidding by this point. I moved her into her indoor kidding stall so she would have a safe and warm place to deliver. She was also not impressed by this change of venue, and told me so. Loudly.

I ran the kids to school, then onto the physical therapist and the doctor. I thought for sure I’d miss this delivery as well, but managed to get home just as she was pushing out buck #1. She and I got him dried off, and she still looked pretty round to me, so I checked, and sure enough, another kid was coming. within a few minutes, he was out too! That’s right – twin bucklings again. These boys are available! They have very strong Green Gables genetics on both sides. Goldie will be on test this spring, and has a lovely udder. Here’s what she had:

Buckling 1: Gold with “boots”, white on poll, brown-eyed

Buckling 2: Brown bezoar, white on poll, brown-eyed, polled

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