Gambit Farms Claire’s Pixie Dust

***Our herd is disease tested annually and G6S normal***

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Pixie’s second-freshening udder



Pixie’s FF Udder

Gambit Farms Claire’s Pixie Dust (F5, 54.05% Nubian/45.95% Nigerian)

MDGA American

TMGR American

Sire: Texas Tykes Sir Westley of Beaumont (Goat Trails Oliver x Blue Mule Priscilla Cottontail)

Dam: Gambit Farms Sable Clover (Counting Mini Blessings Thor x Loma Verde Petunia)

Born 3/12/17, official height 26.5″ at 3 years and W-I-D-E. When my buddy Tiffany Hunter over at Bad Alibi posted this girl for sale, all I could see was that wide nose. Knowing that width starts at the nose and travels throughout, I asked for more pictures and did a little homework on Pixie. It just got better and better. Here’s what I found out:

  1. She’s a BRICK house. She IS wide throughout. And long. And has stunning breed character
  2. Her parents are beautiful.
  3. Her dam had QUADS as a first freshener.
  4. Her dam “milks like a faucet”.

Based on all of that, here’s what I think: Pixie has the capacity and the genetic predisposition to carry many babies and make lots of milk. She should have a very nice udder for hand milking; and finally, she will strengthen the conformation and breed character within the herd. Pixie’s FF udder this year is very capacious and soft. Her lateral attachments could be improved, but her teat size, placement and orifice size is ideal for hand milking. She was bred to Green Gables SOF Atlas*B for April 2021 triplets and will be on milk test this spring. I expect her to easily earn a star. Pixie will be available in milk once the kids are weaned.

Pixie’s Pros and Cons


Height and width

Long, level rump

Breed character

Capacious udder, with well-defined medial attachment

Teat size and placement

Healthy girl, easy keeper.

Friendly, low-key temperament

Good mother


Heavy-boned (I prefer a more flat-boned, dairy goat)

Shallow heels/weak pasterns

Fast-growing hooves

Poor lateral and foreudder attachments.


Kidding History: 

2021: Triplets; 2 does, 1 buck

2020: Twin bucklings, easy kidder

Pixie’s Kids

Pixie’s Dam, Clover

Pixie’s Sire, Westley


Pixie’s Maternal Granddam, Petunia

Pixie’s Paternal Grandparents, Oliver and Priscilla

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