SizeMatter’s GTT Sors*S*B

***Our herd is disease tested annually and G6S normal***

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SizeMatter’s GTT Sors*S*B (F6)

MDGA Purebred

TMGR Purebred

Sire: Goat Trails Pull the Trigger *S*P(Goat Trails Winston’s Blue Diamond*B x Goat Trails Hunny Bunny 2*P)

Dam: SizeMatter’s LC Oh Fortuna!*D*P (SizeMatter’s Vulcan*B x GTO Ranch Lucky Charm )

Born 2/28/22, I just had to retain this boy after I saw him unfold. He isn’t the flashiest, but he could be the. most correct kid we’ve ever produced. His dam is producing 8.5lbs daily as a second freshener, and has a snuggly attached udder with large teats and great texture. Sors also beat out several adult bucks to take RGCH in both rings at our 2022 MHMM show.

Pattern/Markings: Red bezoar with heavy roaning, frosted ears and nose.

SizeMatter-s GTT Sors SizeMatter-s GTT Sors 2

Feedback for Sors at the 2022 TMGR Conformation Clinic

Beautiful long breed character on this boy’s ears. In General appearance he has lovely rear legs with correct angulation and strong pasturns. His fore and rear feet are nicely pointed directly forward. His rump could be more level and flatter. He is deep at the heart girth and shows nice spring of rib with a strong supported barrel. Good body capcity for a smaller animal. Overall a very well put together kid.

-Evaluator Rebekah Clarke

Sire, Trigger   Dam, Fort

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