Soaring Hearts Keshi Pearl

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***Our herd is disease tested annually and G6S normal***

Soaring Heart’s Keshi Pearl (F2, % Nubian/% Nigerian)

MDGA Experimental

Sire: GCH Soaring Heart’s Will Smith( GCH Soaring Heart’s RootBeer x Soaring Heart’s Queen Latifah)

Dam: Footloose Acres Pearl*P (Urban Acres WC I Hop x Urban Acres Carerra )

Born Feb 19, 2020; Pearl has been brought in from Snohomish, Washington. Her breeder, Wendy Valentine runs a tight herd focused on production and conformation. She vigorously competes in live shows and is very careful about which animals carry her herd name. Pearl’s parents and grandparents are goat royalty and I am very happy to be bringing her to Colorado. She should be a wide, medium-sized adult with a good roman nose but strong ear control. We can expect a well-attached udder and heavy milk.

Sire                    Dam


Dam’s Udder


Sire’s Dam


Sire’s Sire

GCH Soaring Heart’s RootBeer, courtesy of Soaring Hearts.


Dam’s Dam


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