GCH Blackberry’s RBI Hocus Pocus

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MDGA American

TMGR American

GCH Blackberry’s RBI Hocus Pocus (F5, 58.42% / 41.58%)

Sire: VCH River Bottom Ranch Idaho (River Bottom Ranch Charminator x River Bottom Ranch Bliss)

Dam: Blue Oaks Black Magic *D*P (Fertile Earth Farm’s Alchemist x Blue Oaks Shot Silver)

Born 1/10/19, this gorgeous blond is our first 2019 kid! His dam was bought already bred, so he carries the esteemed Blackberry’s Herd name. He is 24″ at 16 months and very wide. I can already tell he has his dam’s fantastically-shaped pelvic structure. He will have a prominent roman nose and bell-shaped ears. He seems to have inherited his dam’s unflappable temperament. I am proud to add all these great qualities to the Size Matters herd. His twin sister, Wicca, has also been retained. Hocus has already distinguished himself as he won both Junior Grand and Reserve Champion at our 2019 Mile High Mini Milkers show! Hocus’s work here is done, but he has stayed local so we can keep an eye on him. UPDATE: Hocus took Grand Champion in Ring 1 at our 2021 Mile High Mini Milkers Show! His son, SizeMatter’s Burlap*S*B took Grand Champion in Ring 2. UPDATE AGAIN: Hocus earned his 3rd GCH leg at our 2022 MHMM Show, making him a permanent champion! His son Burlap is also a finished champion now.

Praise for Hocus Pocus during the 2020 TMGR Conformation Clinic

Correct in the length of bone, cleanliness of the leg bones and very correct hoof shape and pastern length. He has a very correct shoulder angle when viewed from the side….He has very nice blending of the neck into wither , however would like to see that neck just a bit longer. Also very correct shape and balance to the rump….Probably best to use this buck on higher generation does, who may need correction of feet and legs, but who have adequate breed character.

HocusPocus’s kids



Praise for HocusPocus at the 2019 Caprine Conformation Clinic:

This impressive junior buck exhibits strength and power throughout. His chest is deep, he is full at the crops and the point of elbow, deep in the heart, with excellent body capacity relative to his age. He has excellent width: in the chest, loin, rump and escutcheon. He stands on well-angled rear legs when viewed from the side, and straight, strong feet and legs when viewed from the front, side and rear. His topline is straight, strong and level, with withers slightly higher than his hips. His length and levelness of rump are to be commended.

-Evaluator Jean Harrison

    Dam                                          Sire

Dam’s Udder

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