Soaring Hearts Keshi Pearl 6*D/6*P

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***Our herd is disease tested annually and G6S normal***

Soaring Heart’s Keshi Pearl 6*D/6*P(F2, 51.06% Nubian/ 48.94% Nigerian)

MDGA Experimental

TMGR Experimental

Sire: GCH Soaring Heart’s Will Smith( GCH Soaring Heart’s RootBeer x Soaring Heart’s Queen Latifah)

Dam: Footloose Acres Pearl*P (Urban Acres WC I Hop x Urban Acres Carerra )

Born Feb 19, 2020; Pearl has been brought in from Snohomish, Washington. Her breeder, Wendy Valentine runs a tight herd focused on production and conformation. She vigorously competes in live shows and is very careful about which animals carry her herd name. Pearl’s parents and grandparents are goat royalty and I am very happy to be bringing her to Colorado. She should be a wide, medium-sized adult with a straight nose and strong ear control. A month after her first kidding, Pearl has scored 72 points on a 1-day milk test, earning her milk stars! Star Cert Pearl

Pattern/Markings: Gold (very light red) bezoar, random white spots, moonspots, excessive roaning, white face, frosted ears.

Kidding History: 

2022: Triplets (2 bucks, 1 doe), fast labor

2023: Quads (3 bucks, 1 doe), fast labor

First Freshening Udder

Praise for Pearl at the 2020 TMGR Caprine Conformation Clinic:

Very correct bone pattern, length flatness and balance with this doe kid. Very correct placement of the foreleg under the wither. Very correct in the balance of her shoulder assembly however would like to see the chest floor just slightly deeper and more level. She has the correct length of neck that blends smoothly into the wither and shoulder blade. Really admire the body capacity of this kid with the depth at the point of elbow that goes back into the flank and also over the top with her full fore rib and spring to her barrel. She has nice length to her rump as well as balance and width from thurl to thurl. In the back she needs to be stronger in the chine and have a bit more stature. She is probably just in a funny growing stage. In the escutcheon I’d
like to see the top of the escutcheon more arch shaped. Overall a nice balanced doe. I would breed her to a buck with strong toplines, and strong breed character.
-Evaluator Rebecca Nix

Sire                    Dam

Dam’s Udder

Sire’s Dam

Sire’s Sire

GCH Soaring Heart’s RootBeer, courtesy of Soaring Hearts.

Dam’s Dam

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