Sonflower Ranch’s Andromeda*D*P

***Our herd is disease tested annually and G6S normal***

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SonFlower Ranch’s Andromeda*D*P (F7, 52.68% Nubian/47.32% Nigerian)

MDGA Purebred

TMGR Purebred

Sire: Goat Trails Flynn (Laz-E-Acres Finley x Goat Trails Annabelle)

Dam: Sonflower Ranch’s Fireworks (Soaring Heart’s Gilles x SonFlower Ranch’s Erica)

Born 4/14/19, official height 25″ at 2 years, long and dairy, This little stunner has a long, elegant frame, wide rear-end, straight topline, and friendly personality. To top it off, she is a lovely blue roan color with moonspots and blue eyes. She brings a lot to our herd and it will be fun to watch her grow. Her sire was line bred on the amazing Laz-E-Acres Finley, and should be throwing some nice udders and milk. Andi was bred to Blackberry’s RBI Hocus Pocus for a Feb 2021 single buckling. Even though she only had a singleton, Andi easily earned her *D with TMGR that year, and BARELY missed her *P with MDGA (she was only a point away!). She also freshened with a lovely udder. Great attachments and teat size/placement. She milks ALL the way out, too. Andromeda competed in our 2021 Mile High Mini Milkers show, and placed 5th and 4th out of 9 entries. She was praised for her levelness on the move and her dairy character. In 2022, Andi gave birth to triplets and earned her MDGA milk star by scoring 104 points on her 1-day milk test. Star Cert Andi. She gave 10.4 lbs of milk!

Pattern/Markings: Black and Tan, moderate roaning, frosted ears and nose, partial belt, white on poll, moonspots, blue eyes.

Andi’s Second-Freshening Udder


Andi’s FF Udder


Kidding History: 

2021: single buckling

2022: 2 doelings, 1 buckling

Andi’s Kids


N1 buckling


Praise for Andi at the 2019 TMGR Caprine Conformation Clinic:

This doeling is very feminine and shows smooth blending throughout, from her graceful neck into the shoulders and withers. She exhibits good length of bone and length and width of rump from hips to pins and thurl to thurl. From the photos it is difficult to discern her levelness of rump, but given her stance I would expect that she has adequate levelness when on the move. When viewed from the side and rear, she stands on correct and strong rear legs and feet, with a high, wide escutcheon. Her back is straight and strong and slightly uphill from the hips to the withers.

-Evaluator Jean Harrison

Dam’s Udder


Paternal Granddam

(Used with permission from Karen Orth)


Paternal Great-Granddam’s Udder

Screen Shot 2019-07-28 at 09.27.29

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