Calliope’s 1st Kidding

Calliope is one of my favorite does from our prolific 2021 kidding season (she was one of 10 girls retained), so I was especially excited today when she went into labor 150 days after her breeding to Proett. I checked her this morning, and her ligaments were gone. Her modest pre-kidding udder was remarkably more full, so I kept a close on her throughout the day as I did some chores. By 1:00pm, she had separated herself from the herd and was acting restless. I moved her into our indoor kidding stall so she could settle in. I offered her some grain and she took it, but was not happy about her new surroundings. I continued to do some chores and headed back in the house at 2pm to watch her from the monitor.

By 3pm, it was obvious she was pushing. When I got to the kidding stall, I could see one foot and a nose poking out with contractions, so I helped ease the baby out even though one front leg was still folded back. Within 5 minutes, baby number 2 was born – also with one leg back. Both are beautiful and vigorous! Calliope is an attentive mother with a beautiful first-freshening udder.

Here’s what she had:

Girl 1: light brown bezoar, white on poll, random white, moonspots, frosted ears. 4lbs 14oz.

Girl 2: Light brown bezoar, white on poll, moonspots, frosted ears, polled. 5lbs 2oz.

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