Evergreen’s Annie Oakley

***Our herd is disease tested annually and G6S normal***

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Evergreen’s Annie Oakley (F3, 45.53% Nubian/54.47% Nigerian)

MDGA Experimental

Sire: Goat Trails Pull the Trigger *B/*S(Goat Trails Winston’s Blue Diamond*B x Goat Trails Hunny Bunny 2*P)

Dam:Sunshine’s Lakota 2*P(Green Gables Thunderstruck*B x Heaven Sent She’s Got Moxie*D*P)

Born 3/8/22, this little powerhouse may be slow to mature, but when she does, she will be a big milker! Both her dam and paternal granddam have excellent udders with high, wide attachments as well. We are excited to add the Moxie genetics that have become a trademark of Bad Alibi Dairy Goats.

Pattern/Markings: Red buckskin with copious white, frosted ears and nose, blue eyes.


Sire, Trigger   Dam, Lakota


Dam’s FF Udder:


Sire’s Dam’s Udder:

Dam, Bunny. Courtesy of Goat Trails Mini Nubians


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