Juno’s 2021 kidding.

Short, sweet and to the point. Miss Juno made it to 150 days before showing some signs of labor. Typically easy to handle, she HATES having her ligaments checked, so I knew I would have to pay special attention to other signs instead. When I saw her digging around the polydome yesterday morning around 10, I knew it was time to move her to the kidding stall. She wolfed down her portion of alfalfa pellets, so I second-guessed my decision for a minute, but decided to leave her be. I finished some other chores and checked back on her at 11:30. I’m glad I did, because she was streaming at this point. I did a quick check and found a hoof and a nose. Juno pushed valiantly a few times and I was able to grasp a front hoof, but could not find a second. This was an unusually large kid for Juno (her first freshening yielded 2 kids under 3lbs, and her second kidding was three – 4lb bucklings). This kid’s shoulders were wedged. I pulled the presenting leg and put traction on the head/neck down and in the opposite direction of the stuck shoulder. A couple more pushes did the trick and Juno delivered a 7lb, 2oz plain brown doeling! Within a few minutes, another kid followed. This one was a little smaller (5lbs, 10oz) and wildly spotted (thank you Hocus). I thought for sure it was a boy (this farm hasn’t seen twin girls in 3 years) but it was a GIRL. Well done, Juno! Within minutes, she had them dry, up and nursing. These girls are reserved.

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