SizeMatter’s BHP Agate

**Our herd is disease tested annually and G6S normal*** *

SizeMatter’s BHP Agate (F6)

MDGA Purebred

Sire: Blackberry’s RBI Hocus Pocus(VCH River Bottom Ranch Idaho x Blue Oaks Black Magic*P)

Dam: Size Matter’s Juno 2*P  (Green Gables Mojo*B x SonFlower Ranch’s Fiona II*D*P)

Born 2/11/2021, small stature, WIDE. This little girl has been retained to continue the line started by our foundation doe, Fiona. She is has a pedigree packed with milk, a sweet demeanor, stunning color, and great dairy character. She will be given plenty of time to mature before her 2022 breeding.

Sire                                   Dam

Dam’s FF udder

Sire’s Littermate FF Udder

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